Microsoft SharePoint

Microsoft SharePoint is an integrated suite of easy–to–use server applications that boosts organizational effectiveness and optimize the way people, content, processes, and business applications interact.
The six pillars of SharePoint that provide the functionalities are:

  • Collaboration
  • Forms Driven Business Process
  • Enterprise Search
  • Web & Enterprise Content Management
  • Security Management
  • Data Management, Analysis and Reporting (Business Intelligence)

Over the years, CITI-India has developed capabilities around all of these six pillars. In addition to providing Microsoft SharePoint Services to our Customers, we also use Microsoft SharePoint for our internal needs, thus maintaining high quality skills within the organization at all times. CITI-India also invests in R&D on the latest Microsoft SharePoint Server technologies, and has developed several add-on components to help our Customers exploit Microsoft SharePoint capabilities at an accelerated pace.