Software & Web Development

At CITI-India, we believe in providing business solutions, rather than mere technology artifacts. We pride ourselves in being a technology agnostic company. While we are IBM Partners, Microsoft Gold certified and have relationships with most of the leading product and technology companies, our aim is to provide scalable, flexible, affordable and predictable solutions for your business, using technologies that best fit your business case.

CITI-India has successfully executed complex projects in Product Development, Custom Software Development and Enterprise Integration, with the philosophy of doing things the right way consistently throughout the project. The discovery phase of any Software Development Project is undertaken using formal Business Process Design Methodologies and tools. This is supplemented by our Technical Architecture and Design initiatives using proven industry frameworks. Our Development phase follows an iterative, Customer-involved approach using Agile Software Development Principles. In the interest of flexibility, interoperability, auditability, consistency and ease of maintenance, CITI-India is a great believer of standards based development. Quality is assured as our work artifacts go through stringent and multiple Quality checks using a mix of automated and manual, functional and technical tests which are designed early on using a Test Driven Development Approach.

By leveraging its investments made in R&D, CITI-India is able to utilize newer technology components and building blocks, thereby staying at the leading edge of technology in areas such as:

  • J2EE and Microsoft .Net based technologies
  • Business Process Modeling and Management Engines
  • Rules Engines and Complex Event Processing
  • Evolving Development Frameworks
  • SOA Compliance
  • Web 2.0 based development
  • Open Source Technologies
  • Middleware and Application Infrastructure Abstraction
  • Device independent hardware integration frameworks
  • Mobility Solutions